Mychaela Fawson – Fawson Fotos Photography Business

My project was launching my Fawson Fotos photography business. Previously I had taken pictures of friends and family. This semester I focused on networking for my business, creating a business website, and creating a pricing guide for my business. Through direct networking face-to-face with people my photoshoots increased by 57%. I learned that direct referralsContinue reading “Mychaela Fawson – Fawson Fotos Photography Business”

Alli Plummer- ‘Twas the Month Before Christmas

Emphasis: Organizational Communication and Advocacy I became involved with the “‘Twas the Month Before Christmas” event at the beginning of the year when Janalyn Holt, the President of the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce, brought the idea to me while I was interning with the Chamber. This was a first of its kind for theContinue reading “Alli Plummer- ‘Twas the Month Before Christmas”

Lifeline – Youth Mentoring Program by Zach Shields

Emphasis: Organizational Communications and Advocacy 50 hours is such a fleeting amount of time when trying to create your own non-profit. I have made a big dent into creating lifeline and hope to show that from the effort that I have put into my project. I have a passion for helping Teens out, due toContinue reading “Lifeline – Youth Mentoring Program by Zach Shields”

Emily Zenger – Give A Gobble Thanksgiving Food Drive

Comm and Advocacy     The Give a Gobble food drive was organized by Emily Zenger to provide food for the Family Crisis Center’s Food Bank. Emily reached out to different businesses, churches, and schools in the city of Rexburg to see if she could place a food drive collection bin at their location. EmilyContinue reading “Emily Zenger – Give A Gobble Thanksgiving Food Drive”

Gabrielle Wright – bump&bruises

bump&bruises; a unique look inside a life after domestic violence & the healing journey; a place to learn from women warriors among us fighting the battles of life. Comm and Advocacy     bump&bruises started out as an Instagram account made to spread awareness and my personal experience on domestic violence. This account was madeContinue reading “Gabrielle Wright – bump&bruises”

Katrina Stotts – “Discovering the Silver Linings”

Comm and Advocacy     “Discovering the Silver Linings” is a book I wrote to share that there is hope—silver linings—amongst the hardest of times. I do this by taking the reader through diverse stories of individuals who have discovered “silver linings” through their own heartaches. My purpose is that it will inspire the readerContinue reading “Katrina Stotts – “Discovering the Silver Linings””

Chad Southwick – Career Development During the Pandemic

Comm and Advocacy      For my senior project, I utilized my skills that I have developed as a Communications major to benefit individuals in the workforce who have been negatively impacted due to the pandemic. The project consisted of helping others with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation and their LinkedIn profiles. To begin thisContinue reading “Chad Southwick – Career Development During the Pandemic”

Savannah Perschon – Child and Adolescent Abuse

Comm and Advocacy     Project Summary: My senior project will be a research book about child and adolescent abuse. Included are the four common types of abuse which are physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Children can experience one or multiple types of abuse and all are serious and punishable by law.Continue reading “Savannah Perschon – Child and Adolescent Abuse”