McKyla Larsen- Teaching Children Conflict Management

My Project

My project was centered on the idea of teaching children conflict management. Is it important? Why is it important? What research has been done to show the effectiveness of teaching children conflict management? The research I found was very interesting and showed that teaching children these concepts does not only help them to have better relationships, but also better academic performance as well. I also surveyed parents to see what their thoughts/interests in this topic was. Ultimately, I found that children’s literature can be an incredible proponent for teaching this concept and that children can truly begin learning this at any and every age.

I spent 56 hours on this senior project. Here is the breakdown:

  • 28 hours compiling and analyzing research

  • 2 hours meeting with my mentor, Brother Bean, and Sis. Walton

  • 6 hours designing my survey and analyzing my data

  • 13 hours writing research paper

  • 5 hours creating data visuals

  • 2 hours putting showcase together/submission

Here is my booth! Here I have some of my favorite children’s literature, pictures of my son (my inspiration for this project), as well as some data visualizations from my research.

Supplementary Materials

For my senior project, I wrote a research paper on children and conflict management. Below you can view this paper as well as some data visuals from the survey I conducted.