SaraLia Smoot – Start with Hello

Strategical Organization


Start with Hello

Start with Hello is a program that lets school students make a difference in the lives of their classmates. Simple, fun, and impactful ways by encouraging and teaching them to take small steps in promoting kindness but as well inclusion.

Identifying along the way classmates who maybe showing signs of social isolation.

Start with Hello is a nonprofit that was founded and led by a few parents and family of victims killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that occurred on December 14th, 2012.

Madison School District is hosting the 6th annual Start with Hello camping week. I have been able to be of aid in this campaign’s organization and the week of the event.

  • Communicating with the community’s businesses, who may have a Marquee, and asking them to put Hello Rexburg or a message of kindness along with those who may have graphics emailing out those.

  • Putting up posters around the community, posters that have messages of hope.

  • Hiding out painted rocks around the community where people may be able to find them when they feel lonely.

  • Welcoming students to school on Monday and Friday morning with hello signs along with other volunteers.

  • Kindness Missions, accomplishing “Missions of Kindness around the community.

  • Social media Interaction, keeping track of countries, and states reached through their Facebook group.

  • Creating a list and reaching out to single student housing that may be willing to put posters in the bulletin boards, for future years.

  • Reviewing their contact lists and updating it for next year with updated information of business owners for the marquees and graphic boards.

These will help for future campaign events as well with the current week of the campaign. Sharing and bringing awareness to kindness and to the community about the importance of just a simple Hello!