Makayla Hall – 12 Stories to Christmas: An Advent Christmas Storybook

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For my project, I wrote an advent storybook where you or your family can read a story each night in the twelve days leading up to Christmas.

Six of these stories are original stories created by me. The other six stories are inspired by Christmas memories that my family has shared with me.

I also designed all aspects of the e-book, from the cover to the layout. After finishing the book, I self-published and launched a 12 Stories to Christmas book campaign through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and my own personal website that I designed and created.

I was inspired to write this book because of a dear preschool teacher who compiled a book of her cherished Christmas stories for us to read in the days leading up to Christmas.

Those stories added to the meaning of Christmas and brought the magic of the season into my home each night. By creating this book, I hope to capture that same feeling and that reading these stories each year becomes your families’ new Christmas tradition.

Each story shares of the hope, joy, and love that comes from the Christmas season. Some might make you laugh, and others might make you cry, but in the end, I hope these stories leave you believing more in the special holiday we call Christmas.

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