Samuel Prows- Business Website, Business Assets, Social Accounts And more.

Visual Communication



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There was never a single moment in my 4 years at BYU-Idaho where I felt that visual communications wasn’t the major for me. The courses and amazing professors instilled in me a love for photography, graphic design, and videography; three visual arts that I intend to build a career on moving forward. I want my senior project to focus on the tools needed to get a head start on this career path.

For my senior project, I designed and created a personal business website to market and showcase my photography, film, and graphic design work. This website will act as my business website where people can see prices, view previous work, and book freelance photography sessions, film sessions, and graphic design projects.

I wanted my website to not only function well but to also look professional. I carefully designed a brand style which I was able to implement throughout the website and other business assets such as business cards, contracts, pricing guides, thank you card, and social media accounts. This involved carefully choosing brand colors, fonts, creating a logo, and creating design elements.

I also created business accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Many photographers and filmmakers gain their clients from having a well-established Instagram and/or Facebook account. The accounts I created are targeted towards clients who are seeking my services as a photographer.

Project Assets