Jonathan Wither – Creating A Baking Shop

Project Summary:

My Mother has been baking cakes as a hobby for over a decade, there have been years where she will do 15+ cakes for people she meets and has been able to turn her hobby into a side job. Her main clients come from family, co-workers, church community, and referrals; however, she has always wanted to reach out further into her community.  This is exactly what I ended up doing for my Project.

I was able to do an in-depth research and called local baking companies in the area to come up with the pricing system she will be using. I created a brand guide for my mom to follow as she runs both the Instagram page I created, as well as the Website she will be running for customer inquiries.

This is not a project I will be done with the moment I present this, but will spend time to build a reputable online business with my mom for years to come.



Logo / Brand Guide

Knowledge is critical to running a business, and because of this I needed to make sure that my mom will be comfortable running things on her own. Below is the logo I created, and the brand guide that will help her through the process of content creation.

Brand Guide Moshi’s Cake




Competitive Analysis

I knew that I needed know the market around the area my mom lives in. Looking at reviews for the top rated bakeries in the area, I was able to identify two bakeries that have done well. I was able to call both companies and look at prices and the process that happens for both special occasion cakes, as well as for wedding cakes. After going over the material found, my mom was able compare and contrast what her current prices were to others. The first section found in “Competitive Analysis” goes over my mom’s methods of pricing, the other two pages are the two top rated companies found in her area. All the page come with both a link to their website and Instagram page. The “competitive chart” shows a comparison of Moshi’s Cakes compared to the others in the area price wise by both special occasion cakes and wedding cakes.


Competitive Charts






The website has three sections, they are home, prices, and gallery. In the “home” tab, we see the logo of the company as the first thing that appears when the page is visited, as well as the Instagram logo on the top right bar that connects customers with our social media page. An “about me” section is posted to introduce the person behind the company, followed by a section of “custom cakes” and “wedding cakes”. These tabs allow customers to see what Moshi’s Cakes has to offer, and in the bottom of the page there is a way for people to contact us in the “contact me” section.

The second page is “prices” which can be landed through clicking either the “prices” tab or “prices & options” tab found below the special occasion and wedding cake section in the main home page. This page allows customers to see our competitive prices and how it is broken down.

The third page is “gallery” and here customers can browse through our past work. This page is to give the customers a visual of the work that is done at Moshi’s Cakes.





Instagram Page

The tone for our Instagram page is set to be an inviting one, where baking enthusiast can come in and share ideas, and even have the chance to be featured in our stories. The goal is to increase sales but we don’t want to be pushy, by establishing a community of bakers sharing ideas freely, we expect for people to look at the work we are doing and potentially become customers.






Hours Broken Down

Hours Broken Down