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Project Summary:

For my senior project, I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and something that I would continue to do beyond when I was finished with the project. I decided to build a website, create a blog, and start an Instagram account that would provide helpful tips for new moms that are expecting. I, myself, am preparing to be a mom and I figured why not share all the tips and tricks I find with other new moms.

My main goal for my project was to not only start and build a website and write three articles for my blog, but to gain a decent following on Instagram. I wanted to at least gain 100 followers on my Instagram by the time it was time to submit my project, and I did just that. Because I did start this Instagram account from scratch, I researched all the ways to gain a following and reach more and more people. I had a goal set for each week where I wanted to be at with my followers, and this helped me get to those 100 followers. As of right now, I am currently at 123 followers, and I don’t plan to stop there. I plan to keep growing this social media page.

This project has shown me that I really love having a website, writing articles, and running a social media account. I plan on continuing with all three of these spaces and see where they will take me in my future. One thing that I really loved doing with this project was reaching more people and interacting with them. I made that a goal, to interact with my audience. I truly believe that interacting with your audience, will help you to grow your engagement on social media.

To make sure that this project would take me 50+ hours, I have been working daily to build my website, write articles for my blog, and build an Instagram from scratch. I have also spent many hours researching and finding the best tips that would be helpful to new moms that are expecting. It has been very informational as I have learned how to build my own website, find out how to gain followers and an audience on Instagram, and keep people interested in what helpful tips I provide. 

During this project, I met with my faculty mentor multiple times and each time I left the meeting, I felt more and more confident with what I was doing. I am so excited to see where all of this will take me in my future. I hope to make an impact and show the world what I can do.



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