Stephen Bailin – Sew, This is Social Media?

This semester, I am going to help a good friend of mine with her small sewing business. My friend and I took Business Law (BUS370) together. She is a mom of four kids with a 12-credit course load. Having this workload caused her to fall behind on her social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.Continue reading “Stephen Bailin – Sew, This is Social Media?”

Santiago Barriga – Breaking Some Eggs Podcast

Public Relations Project Summary I hosted and produced a podcast that speaks on our society and culture today and how it has affected us through entertainment over the years. In these times, we are at odds with one another, but by sharing our perspectives in a neutral setting, we may all find common ground and,Continue reading “Santiago Barriga – Breaking Some Eggs Podcast”

Faith Bellum – FaithMadeArt

FaithMadeArt is an Instagram page dedicated to my personal artwork and prints. This project is intended to showcase this page through creation of content and consistent interaction with the Instagram page. One of the most challenging aspects of online content creation is mastering the skill of delivering what the audience wants. FaithMadeArt is aimed toContinue reading “Faith Bellum – FaithMadeArt”

Garrett Blakely – Brother Bear Skate Rings +

My senior project consists of creating a jewelry business and selling wooden rings I create out of old, recycled skateboard decks. I have a lot of old skateboards that go to waste because when a deck breaks, there isn’t much use for it anymore. People also have the option to give me their skateboard toContinue reading “Garrett Blakely – Brother Bear Skate Rings +”

Ashli Brooks-Robin Hallows Esthetics Brand Renovation

  I worked as a brand and social media consultant for a small esthetics business in Gilbert, Arizona. Robin Hallows has over 19 years of experience and has owned her own studio for 9 years, she understands the importance of a clear business plan and marketing strategies. Social media is a tool she’s wanted toContinue reading “Ashli Brooks-Robin Hallows Esthetics Brand Renovation”

Lauren Boix – A Master of Toastmasters

Lauren Boix Become a Master of Toastmasters International  Strategic Organizational Communication Through proper techniques and practices, anyone can become a professional public speaker. For my Senior Project, I have planned an open house event and have created a podcast for the public to promote their professional presentation meetings, build their attendance, and expand awareness. ThisContinue reading “Lauren Boix – A Master of Toastmasters”

Ruth Bushman – Rein In Conflict

Strategic Organization Communication – Video Production – IO Psychology Conflict can be a daily battle. So, let’s not run from it, but learn from it. Principles of leadership, if recalled, implemented, cultivated and shared will give strength and courage to all. I created a consulting website to demonstrate the services that I have to helpContinue reading “Ruth Bushman – Rein In Conflict”

Alisha Butler – Snake River Paintball

Visual Communication                     Project Summary For my senior project I created a website for a company called Snake River Paintball. I worked closely with my client to understand exactly what she wanted for the site. She wasn’t quite sure about the look she wanted, so IContinue reading “Alisha Butler – Snake River Paintball”

Natalie Childs- Preparing for my Career, Photo by Natalie Nicole

Name: Natalie Childs Project Name: Preparing for a Photography Career: Photo by Natalie Nicole Emphasis: Digital and Social Media Professional Photo:  Project Summary: As a soon to be BYU-Idaho Communications graduate, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my long term goals, which led me to creating this project.  For my senior project,Continue reading “Natalie Childs- Preparing for my Career, Photo by Natalie Nicole”

Sydney Christensen- Shiny As a Penny: Business Launch Plan

Public Relations Project Summary: I will be launching a home organization business early this fall and decided to create a marketing plan for the business launch. The main goal in creating this plan was to create content and ideas that will help attract and engage the audience as the business is launched. As a specialistContinue reading “Sydney Christensen- Shiny As a Penny: Business Launch Plan”