Ellise Kahuhu – A Small Town Celebration

Public Relations

Project Summary

Over the course of the semester, I worked with the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce to advertise for the Independence Day Parade. The overall goal for the project was to have more parade entries and more live stream views of the parade than last year. 

I created two strategies to accomplish this goal. The first was to gain publicity in the community and the second was to gain more participation in the parade. I dedicated time to meet with the Chamber and the parade hostesses to create scripts for the videos we would create to advertise the event. I met often with the intern in charge of the parade to work with the entries and find more through social media advertising.  

As the project continued, I noticed a lack of focus on the parade with all the other projects and activities the Chamber has to plan during the Summer. This pushed me to create a Public Relations Campaign for the 2022 Independence Day Parade. I appreciate the time I have to work with Chamber to share the community’s traditions through modern technology. 


Public Relations Campaign