Addi Perkins- Breaking The Stigma Around Pornography Addiction

Emphasis: Strategic and Organizational Communications

Project Summary: I held an hour-long event to help break the stigma around pornography addiction and provide hope to those struggling or who know someone who is struggling. To do this I have been researching the statistics and stigmas around pornography addiction. I have spoken to different professors who have created events from scratch to gain insight on what I will need to do and focus on to make this senior project a success. I have reached out to different professionals and people with lived experiences to find 2 speakers. We had Kevin Green and Mike Hotailing speak at this event. In order to advertise for the event, I created a flyer to send out to students on campus and around the Rexburg community to help spread the word and get the event out to the public. I reached out to different department heads to help get the word out! I have also created a survey that will allow me to measure how where we are lacking, and to see where we can improve and how we can help bring more awareness and support to those struggling with pornography. I set goals for attendance and interaction so I had something to strive for throughout the process and execution of this event. November 10th was the date for this event and the goal was to have 30 people there and I beat that by 2. I have now been analyzing and gathering data from the survey and hope to continue to do so!

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