Jasmine Peery – Bluming Bridal Project

Bluming Bridal Project

By Jasmine Peery

Hello, my name is Jasmine Peery. I am the owner of Blume Media where my focus is wedding photos and films. I want to grow this business after graduation, so the perfect project for me was kickstarting this growth by creating my own styled shoots to really show what I can do. I wanted to make these photos and films stand out and boost myself to the next level. At the beginning of the project, I got a list together of friends and models to use for this project. Then, I planned out what each shoot would look like because I wanted to use flowers from some of my elective classes in all or most shoots. I then started working with each model’s availability to line up the shoots. I also collaborated with different companies on these shoots, including dress rentals, venues, etc. Another time-consuming part of the process was editing the photos, delivering small galleries to those who helped, and ordering prints. Each shoot was a learning experience and left me more prepared for the future. I plan to display one printed photo from each shoot at the showcase in person and a short highlight type of film showcasing the skills I have gained while here at BYU-I. You can see the film above and some of the photos from each shoot below.  

During this semester I have collaborated with these businesses to accomplish these shoots. The two venues are The Millhouse Venue and The White Antler. Anthology Print is a wedding stationary company and they printed up a special suite just for the use of this project. Vivian x Co is a company who preserves flowers in resin, they sent a tray that I use to style invitations and details that are smaller. I mainly worked with The Glass Slipper dress rentals for dresses for these shoots, but one of the brides had already gotten a dress from Margene’s Bridal. Without these companies this project wouldn’t be what I imagined it to be and they have each been thanked with photos and/or video from the shoots that involved each one.

Time breakdown:

2 hours went to planning out the models, locations, venues, collaborations, etc.

1 hour went into working with each of them to find the date and time to fit our schedules.

2 hours went into working with The Glass Slipper dress rentals, this included picking out the perfect dresses that fit the look, picking up, dropping off, etc.

1 hour went into creating a floral necklace for my shoot with Arjeta.

1 hour photoshoot with Arjeta.

3 hours editing these photos to use to display, also to send off to Arjeta and The Glass Slipper as a thank you.

2 hours went into creating floral crowns for Chinee and Kayla’s shoot.

.5 hour went into shooting both Chinee and Kayla’s photos and a few videos.

2 hours went into editing the footage/photos from these shoots.

1 hour went into planning out the music, feel, colors, etc. of the film.

2 hours went into creating a hoop floral for Chinee’s second shoot.

1 hour went into shooting with Chinee in different dresses with the hoop florals.

.5 hour went into shooting ring details with the hoop florals.

2 hours went into creating a bouquet for Shelby and Levi’s shoot.

1 hour went into shooting at The Millhouse Venue with Shelby and Levi.

2 hours went into editing their shoot.

1 hour went into shooting Lauren’s film and photos.

3 hours went into creating extra invitations to shoot.

1 hour went into working with Anthology Print, including planning, pickup, shooting, etc.

2 hours went into working with The White Antler, including planning, creating each spot to shoot, and shooting.

1 hour went into prepping the florals for flat lays.

4 hours went into working on the film, including putting it in a timeline, color correcting, coloring, and sound design.

1 hour went into shooting at BYUI for Karli & Jalen.

6 hours went into editing the rest of the photos.

3 hours went into creating this post.

1 hour went into ordering prints and planning out how my setup will look.

1 hour went into delivering photos/videos to all who helped me.

1 hour went into Brittany and Ty, Madi and boyfriend shoots.

2 hours went into styling the shoot above.

1 hour went into creating floral pieces/decorations for the in person showcase.

5 hours went into driving, which included going to and from Shelley, to and from Rigby, to and from Idaho Falls, two and from the vendors included, location scouting, etc.

1 hour went into creating the video overview of my project as well as taking a professional headshot of myself.