Ellie Perkins Boyack – Unheard Voices: Women of the Scriptures

Emphasis: Journalism

“Going to where the silence is. That is the responsibility of a journalist: giving a voice to those who have been forgotten…” – Amy Goodman

As a journalist, I am passionate about people. I believe that every single person has an important story to share no matter who they are or where they come from. Good journalism involves reading between the lines and sharing the perspectives and stories of people who are not always in the spotlight.

I am also passionate about the gospel. So, for my project, I decided to write a series of articles about women in the scriptures. Their stories are so powerful, but they are not often talked about. These are research based articles, and I gathered information from biblical and religious scholars along with the scriptures. Using Adobe Illustrator, I also created illustrations to help their stories come to life. Each article has been published by Scroll.

In my first article, I explored the story of the woman with the issue of blood. I described how women with her condition were treated, explained ancient beliefs about purity and walked through her interaction with Christ.

My second article teaches of Sariah’s trials in the wilderness. Sariah was a loving mother, the wife of a prophet and a disciple of Christ. The article explores her faithful sacrifices as she obediently followed God and trusted in her husband.

My final article dives into the story of Mary Magdalene. It addresses how she overcame unimaginable adversity and became one of Christ’s most devoted disciples.

Diving into these women’s stories deeply inspired me. Though they are not often in the spotlight like other religious figures, we can learn so much from their strength and resilience.

We live in a society that caters to the loudest voices in the crowd. However, I believe that we will learn more as we intentionally seek out the unheard voices.

Here is a video of my booth at the Senior Showcase.