Alexis Pineda – Building an Online Portfolio

Emphasis – Video Production

Project Description:

When one enters the in-between stage of graduation and finding full-time work opportunities, they must learn the concept of marketing themselves. During my time here at University, I have put countless hours into becoming a good director both inside and outside class projects. My Senior Project idea was to design a space (website) where I would display all my work and add current projects to the portfolio. This has been a major tool in applying to full-time positions and internships. So, what does my portfolio entail? I designed all the pages on my website (contact info, video page, and photography page) and also participated in assistant directing a short film so I could add one more piece of work from this semester. That piece is the highlight piece that is displayed first thing on my page.

I originally had a website on WordPress but quickly learned that to upload my own videos with my subscription I would either need to upgrade or switch over to Wix. I chose the cheaper option. Learning Wix’s interface was completely different from word presses. It was a learning curve that I’m grateful for because I now know both sites quite well. I started by digging for all the videos that I had been a part of creating (from grip to directing). Then compiled them onto my website and organized them by the position I held onset of that video.

I felt like my site was lacking a highlight video to show that I played a large role in creating so I collaborated with a couple of friends and assistant directed a short film that I spent 20 plus hours on over the semester. I used that in my portfolio as one of my top pieces to present.