Annalee Johansen – Friendly Calling

Voice Advocacy and EICAP

Annalee Johanson Strategic Organization


Voice Advocacy is an organization on campus that teams up with local organizations to improve the community. For the last few semesters, Voice has teamed up with EICAP. EICAP is Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership, and they provide empowerment to at risk individuals in their area.

Voice Advocacy began a program called, “Friendly Calling.” Students voluntarily called to senior citizens to check in on them. During the phone call students were able to gather data that would help EICAP better understand the needs of their citizens.

During my project, I gathered data, organized it, and put it into helpful pictures. I wrote about my findings and found opportunities for growth with organizations that already exist. As well as find opportunities for new growth entirely.


With all the findings, I created a booklet using Adobe InDesign. I included the background, the data, and added a marketing campaign idea. Click the link below to read my booklet.

Behind the Scenes

All in all this project took me about 56 hours, and cost 50 dollars. I put in a lot of time brainstorming on how I wanted this project to look. I also had to move out of state to support my husband in Graduate school. I was still able to accomplish everything remotely and travel in for the Senior Showcase. Below is my timecard and expense report, the expense report excludes my travel.