Laura James – Thrift Baby Finds Vintage Resale



Thrift Baby was founded by my love for all things vintage. I love finding vintage books or toys in different thrift stores that remind me of my childhood!

The purpose of my project was to build and develop a brand that focuses on the resale of vintage books, toys, clothing, and glasswares. I planned to use different marketplaces online such as Facebook Marketplace and Etsy to sell my different finds.

I created a brand name, a style guide, different logos, and also built trust through 350+ sales and 100% positive 5-star reviews.

About my Project

Branding and Style Guide

My primary goal of the branding on Thrift Baby was to take inspiration from retro signage and to use colors that were colorful but not overwhelming.

Online Marketplaces

These are some of my main Online Marketplaces. Click the links to see the different marketplaces!


This is a recording of my hours spent on the project this semester.


This is a presentation that I created and played at the Senior Showcase presentation on November 18th.