Ben Sedgwick – Reading Center Social Media Campaign

Public Relations

Project Summary

For my project I created Instagram and Facebook accounts for the Reading Center, a tutoring service on the BYU-Idaho campus. The Reading Center is a free service that helps student clients learn skills in reading comprehension, time management, and other study skills. With most tutoring appointments returning to an in-person style, the center felt a bit of a disconnection between their student clients and employees.

To remedy this, I created multiple different kinds of posts that are posted weekly to the center’s social media pages. The first kind of post is a tutor highlight. It features a photo of one of the employees of the Reading Center along with some information about them. These posts are designed to “put a face to the name” of the center and foster a familiarity between clients and tutors. I would also post a weekly quote to the story feature of each social media page. It would be a simple, motivational quote on the topic of education and learning. These posts would help students feel inspired to continue pushing through the semester. The last kind of uploads were “Fact Friday” posts. These posts would display a graphic and some sort of study fact. These posts help the clients remain engaged throughout the week and remember what they are learning in the Reading Center. 

I created a total of 28 Fact Friday posts, 37 quote stories, and 32 tutor highlights. The Instagram page currently has 56 followers and the Facebook page has 26 follows, both being above my goal achievement for the project.

Sample #FactFriday Post
Sample Quote Story Post
Sample Tutor Highlight Post