Morgan Rial – The Gaming Husband Blog

My project is The Gaming Husband blog. This idea has been in the works, in my head, for a couple of years now. Originally the idea was to create a blog where I would just talk about and make loose reviews of video games. I wanted an outlet to write and express myself.

As I have progressed through my degree in Public Relations, I have learned much about positioning and writing. Because of this, the blog has refined a bit. Even when I started doing the project, it went through a refining process.

Core Audience

My core audience is married men who also happen to be gamers. From my experience, it seems that when people get married and/or start having kids, they toss out their hobbies. I think that we still need to have these hobbies. They connect us to other people and we can build relationships out of them.

After researching, I was surprised to see so many negative things about integrating marriage and video games. I feel that I have insights that aren’t being shared and that’s how I found my positioning in the market. I can be a positive influence for married men who play video games.

Having the position of being a positive influence for married gamers is something that I wanted to be front and center with my blog.

What Did I Create?

I’ve written many blog posts about individual games and my thoughts on them. I like to give a full idea of what the game is. I try to have a mix of single-player experiences and multi-player games that can be played with a spouse, children or friends.

Writing About Marriage and Video Games

The other type of article I write is about integrating video games and marriage. Some are the articles are about how both my wife and I grew together by playing a video game. Others are on topics that people have asked about online. These articles are written with help from my wife.

These articles are the most viewed on my blog. Obviously, these topics are important to people. This is the kind of content that I want to create in order to be a positive influence on married men who have similar interests to me. These kinds of posts will help settle my positioning in this market.

There is a Market for Married Video Gamers

Video Games are a huge part of society. According to the IDC, video game revenue was predicted to surge 20% to $179.7 billion in 2020; The video game industry is bigger than the film industry and North American sports industry combined. There is a market for relating to and creating content for married men and hardly anyone has tapped into it.

My Process for Writing Blog Posts

In all of my articles, I write up my thoughts, organize them into headings and subheadings, and then go through an extensive editing process. After I have finished editing, I run my article through Yoast SEO and edit my post yet again to optimize the SEO.

After I post the article, I share it on my social media accounts for the Gaming Husband. I use popular and fitting hashtags to reach a wider audience. I try to create engaging titles and encourage people to read the posts.

This process can take anywhere from 5 to 7 hours.

What Did I Learn?

I learned that I have to be engaging. I have to show that I am present. I have tried to engage my audience by showing them the games I buy and asking for opinions on future articles. I’ve shown sneak peeks of title cards I am making for future posts and asked about how I can make them better. These things show that I want to be engaged and that I value my followers. Without them, I couldn’t measure my progress.

I learned that followers can grow quickly. I made the social media accounts at the beginning of October and at the beginning of November, I had 25 followers.

I also learned that analytics and data can be a voice for unsaid desires. Like I mentioned before, there are people out there searching for content related to marriage and video games.