Braden Whitney – Sagan Life Flyer Campaign

Braden Whitney
Strategic Organization

Hello, and welcome to my project description! I am glad you made it to my page and hope you enjoy what you read and learn. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to put my learning to the test and prepare and accomplish my Senior Project.

For my project, I decided to go the route of a marketing campaign with a past company I used to work for called Sagan Life. This company produces innovative water filters for everyday use, outdoor activities, and emergency situations. So, what I did for this company is create a flyer that provides a way for a customer to save money, and a manufacturer to make money.

The first thing I had to do was create the flyer. Below I have included an image of said flyer:

Once I created the flyer, I then had to contact manufacturers that would be willing to put the flyer in every package they ship out. The point of including the flyers in the packages is to reach people we would not normally be able to reach easily. Each manufacturer had a code that is directly linked to them and if their customer used that code, the customer would get 10% off the product. This is where the manufacturer benefits, they then get 10% of the sale. So they don’t have to spend any money getting the flyer and can only make money.

The top preforming companies that used the flyers was G0-KOT, Enlightened Equipment, and Katabatic Gear. These three companies combined had 71 codes used which resulted in just under $5,000 in revenue for Sagan Life. I saw this is a success and a big benefit for Sagan. One of the best parts was having GO-KOT be so interested in this idea that they also wanted to dropship our products from their site.

All in all I feel my project was not only successful but a great learning experience for me! I will definitely take what I learned and apply it to my future career.