Ben Whatcott – A Great Price

I created a documentary about the process of applying and attending to BYU-Idaho as an international student. The video goes through the process of obtaining a visa, taking the TOEFL exam, traveling to the U.S, and adjusting to a new country. I interviewed five students, each from a different country. The countries represented are Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, and Hong Kong.

I interviewed one-on-one with each of the students involved and asked them some questions about their experience as an international student. From there, I interviewed each of them again, this time on video, highlighting the important stories they had already told me.

I created a mini-studio in my apartment. I set up lights and professional video and audio equipment. Then I interviewed each person over the course of several weeks. After filming, I editing all their stories together in an interwoven narrative. I hope by watching this video, everyone will gain a better understanding and appreciation for international students. I want people to understand what these students must go through just to be able to sit in a class. This isn’t to shame people for ignorance. I simply want to shed light on the story of being an international student.