Charity May – How to adapt: As told by COVID missionaries

This book will feature missionaries who served during the COVID-19 pandemic. I interviewed and wrote about each of their stories individually, focusing on one specific question: What did you learn from your unique mission experience? I compiled the narratives into a book and self-published on Amazon. Pictures were provided by the missionaries themselves, but the book is designed by me.

Missionaries were hit especially hard with the news of the pandemic. Foreign-serving missionaries were sent home, those in the states dealt with an influx of reassigned missionaries, and those scheduled to leave had to complete missionary training from home. These missionaries could teach us all a lesson on adaptability, and following God’s plan, and that was my goal in writing this book. What lessons can we take away by reading through others’ experiences?

I’ve included a PDF copy below so you don’t need to purchase the book on Amazon to read it.