Thayná Menezes: Sinners Thrift Business Launch

Video Production

Project Summary:

My senior project consisted of creating an online thrift store called Sinners Thrift. I have always wanted to open up my own thrift store and my project provided me with the opportunity to set myself up for after graduation so I can start becoming my own business owner. With my module being social media, I was able to use what I have learned with my time here to launch my business. I first brainstormed on a business name that would stand out but also have a clear goal in mind. I named it Sinners Thrift because buying clothes has always been a guilty pleasure of mine as I’m sure it is for many others. I will be selling thrifted clothing for fair prices along with creating a line of custom acid washed thrifted clothing as well. This way I am giving old clothes a new life which would have otherwise been thrown away. I always find a lot of great T-Shirts that have oil stains on them and I end up acid washing the shirt so that way people still want to wear it and it gives the shirts a whole new life.

I have also collaborated with fellow artists to create ideas for custom designed brand tees and hoodies as well. I wanted my focus for this project to be reaching my target audience by creating a unique social media presence and working on content such as videos and photos to reach my audience and sell my inventory. I want these clothes and business to create a sense of unity in such a time where we all have become so divided. For this reason, I will also be working on dropping hoodies that say “We’re all sinners”.

The majority of my time was spent doing photoshoots for the business. I took trips to Salt Lake City, Utah pretty often to get inventory for the thrift store. Along with pictures of the clothes, I spent time creating an Instagram, A Tik Tok Page and a website as well. This project was a 2nd job for me and I spent my days off of work, taking photos, videos, gathering inventory and promoting them as best as I could.

Sinner’s Thrift Website