The Only Thing Worse Than Change is No Change

By Hayley Small The Only Thing Worse Than Change is No Change News/Journalism A one-page description of the assignment, describing my outcomes and the degree to which I met these outcomes: I chose to write a book about change. I have gained a passion for writing and editing throughout my college experience. It is anContinue reading “The Only Thing Worse Than Change is No Change”

Idaho Farm Wife By Jessica Clark (Gochnour)

Project I’m Jess! I started college as an 18-year-old girl with dreams of a career in writing. Since then, I’ve become a wife to a dedicated, hardworking husband, a mother to soon-to-be two kids, and the proud owner of a small farm in Southern Idaho. A lot of things in my life have changed sinceContinue reading “Idaho Farm Wife By Jessica Clark (Gochnour)”

Isabelle Justice – Copywriting For Seniors

My name is Isabelle, and I knew that if I wanted to excel in my writing career, I needed to get relevant experience before I received my diploma. What did I do? Senior Solutions is an Idaho Falls-based company that connects elderly clients and their families to local healthcare resources. This includes assisted living homes,Continue reading “Isabelle Justice – Copywriting For Seniors”

Travis Richards-‘Legends of Local News 8’ Podcast-News and Journalism

Travis Richards

Project Title: ‘Legends of Local News 8 Podcast’

Emphasis: News and Journalism

Project Summary: Legends of Local News 8 is a series of podcast episodes that highlights prominent multimedia journalists in Eastern Idaho.  They share their experiences about how the industry has changed over the last 30 years with the evolution of technology.

Braeden Krieger – An Unhandy Man’s Guide to Becoming Handy

Braeden Krieger – Journalism Project Summary – When I first married my wife, I quickly found how inept I was at repairing things around our apartment. I struggled to fix even the simplest of issues, and it hurt my pride. In my head, a husband is supposed to not only provide for and protect hisContinue reading “Braeden Krieger – An Unhandy Man’s Guide to Becoming Handy”

Logan Buchanan – High School Highlights

Project Summary Growing up, I always have loved sports; everything about it. From playing to watching to talking about them, I soaked it all up. Aside from the physical aspect, I always found it interesting that sports are a way we can learn some of life’s greatest lessons. So, I decided to focus my projectContinue reading “Logan Buchanan – High School Highlights”

Gabriela Tirado – The Latest with Gaby

News/Journalism Emphasis The Latest with Gaby Project Overview I’ve known I wanted to be a T.V. reporter since I was 12 years old. BYU-Idaho has helped me prepare for my professional career in many ways, and the Senior Project was no exception. I created a news show called “The Latest with Gaby” with two objectivesContinue reading “Gabriela Tirado – The Latest with Gaby”

Bryan Bridge – Important Factors in Growing a Sports Podcast

Many sports fanatics listen to talk shows and podcasts. As much as it may be to pass time, they do it to truly learn more about the topic in which they are interested. In early 2022, I bought a professional microphone and decided to see how easy it would be to start a podcast. WhileContinue reading “Bryan Bridge – Important Factors in Growing a Sports Podcast”

Tom Talks Baseball – Sports Blog

Report As someone looking to become a sports journalist someday, I wanted this project to showcase my abilities and knowledge of the sports world. Baseball is my favorite sport, so I decided to base my blog on that. Along with the blog,, I also created an Instagram page to market my material. I hadContinue reading “Tom Talks Baseball – Sports Blog”