Holley Clark – The Clark Diaries

Digital and Social Media

Project Summary

Documentation of small-town life as a portfolio example to show businesses the capability of capturing their whole trade.

My mother was born and raised in Bellingham, WA. Until she moved for college, Washington was always home. Her family stay true to their roots and stayed put in Washington. I grew up knowing my mom’s side of the family and spending our summers by their side.

My father, a Portland, OR native, spent his summers working in Ashton, ID. He worked amongst my grandfather’s brothers and nephews and loved every minute. When I entered my college phase, I found myself 30 minutes outside of Ashton, ID, and the extended family that I never really knew. I made it a goal to get to know them as much as I could and began spending weekends with one of my cousins riding horses and fixing fences.

While getting to know the Clark side of my family, I realized that the documentation of small-town life was something worth making. Through this process, my plan is to create and supply a timeless and full portfolio piece that will prove to future business clients that I can capture every aspect of their trade.

About twice a week, I have spent time studying my cousin’s ranch and his daily work. I have been able to spend time with his charismatic and outgoing grandsons while learning how to perfect my saddle ride. As I watch my cousin David break horses, I am reminded that all type of work is hard work. There are businesses located in big cities while others reside in the countryside. No matter how big or small, each business deserves positive content creation for growing their business.

The time I spend out on the ranch is not the only work I do. After coming home from taking pictures and collecting stories, I sit down and write out the stories I have learned. I then carefully edit each picture and connect them sparingly with each story.

A goal of mine is to consciously form a blog post/long-form content/portfolio that is shareable with clients now and in the future. Overall, I want to show businesses that hiring me would be significant because of how I can capture their content and business.

Upon graduation, I have plans of moving to Pismo Beach, CA to work for a photography studio as a Studio Manager (among other jobs). This will include content creation and making sure that the business is successful through all its endeavors.