Julianna Cockrell – The Greatest Communication

Strategic Organization

What I Did

The Greatest Communication is a project I made to show how messages can be communicated in more ways than one. I surveyed colleagues and friends to find out what messages college-aged people would like to hear; ultimately choosing four themes from their responses.

These four themes were the messages behind my songs and art. I wrote a song and made an illustration for each message. I created a website to showcase my songs and graphics. Each message also has a blog post that explains the message and how I incorporated it into the music and art.

Check out my website here: https://juliannasheamusic.com/

Time & Resources

The total time that I kept track of was 70 hours and 40 minutes. I stopped keeping track after November 8th, but I estimate I did about 15-20 more hours of work before I finished my project.

My budget going into this project was $200. I spent a total of $211.37. Printing cost a bit more than I’d expected, but it wasn’t too far from my orginial budget.