Jared Mariano – Marketing Wingmn

Wingmn is a brand whose flagship product is conversation cards for intimate conversations with people. There are currently two kinds of card packs you can buy. One for spiritual conversations which are made for missionaries or those who want questions of a spiritual nature, and another for engaging conversations with other people, such as your spouse or best friend, so you can communicate with them on a deeper level. 

Wingmn will be launching two new card packs, one made for significant others and another for kids. There will also be an update made for the current packs. Overall, these four card packs will be released on November 27, 2021. 

The project itself will have me take the role of Wingman’s marketing strategist to lead them to a successful rebrand and new product push in the fourth quarter of this year. 

My duties will consist of the following: 

1. Create a marketing strategy for the next 3 months starting from October to December. 

2. Create a brand style guide for Wingman so they can have guidelines on how to brand themselves on their products, social media, their website, etc. The brand guide will consist of the following: 

  • Color scheme
  • Typeface
  • The usage of type face and colors
  • Different types of logos and when and how they are to be usede. Sizes of print
  • Brand voice
  • Brand in use
  • Overall visual identity  

3. Design a website that will have a great and easy customer experience, and make it easier to buy the products. 

4. Create marketing content for each card pack. The content will consist of product photography and the descriptions for each. 

5. Create advertisements on Google Ads.

As an Advertising emphasis, I had to implement different design principles and the core values of branding to bring Wingmn to life and create the assets in order to advertise this up-and-coming brand. I got to apply my skills in Adobe Illustrator, website creating with Webflow, photography skills, and (my personal favorite) Google Ads. This entire plan helped me to grow as a digital marketer and designer which is needed to fulfill my goal of being a marketing manager.

Branding Style Guide

Wingmn Website


Product Photo Shoot