Logan Lowery – BYU-Idaho Instagram Campaign

Strategic Organizational Emphasis

Project Summary

During the past ten weeks of this semester, I have absolutely enjoyed collaborating with the university for my senior project. My project consisted of advertising and promoting the official BYU-Idaho Instagram to a certain target audience for more engagement on the platform. 

After hosting certain events such as the question of the week and department takeovers on the BYU-Idaho Instagram, we found that a majority of our followers were alumni and parents of students that attend this university. The purpose of this Instagram campaign was to have more exposure to current students of the university of the account. 

To start this campaign I adjusted the schedule in which we host the activities on Instagram to have the highest engagement possible. I moved the question of the weeks to Wednesday while people were still in school and able to participate and moved department takeovers to Fridays so it would be easier for students to watch as the weekend slowly approaches.

Following the adjustment of the schedule, I created a giveaway post on Instagram with a $50 gift card to the university store. The purpose of this was to gain as much exposure as we could as I formatted a strategic caption that would encourage people to share BYU-Idaho’s account. This performed very well in a 24 hour period, the statistics and numbers of this portion of the campaign are provided in the online senior showcase video.

The final thing that took the whole semester to complete was having physical and digital signage on campus. This involved meeting with the university’s public affairs director on a weekly basis to update the school on the progress of the campaign. I had no clue how much effort was needed to put a single piece of paper on campus. The approval for the signage was finally completed on week 8 of the Fall 2021 Semester. 

The purpose of the giveaway and the poster campaign was to see the effectiveness of the short-term and longe term effects of following with the BYU-Idaho Instagram. After a week of analytics, we found that the signage on campus ended up being more effective in the long term following aspect and the giveaway has been more effective in the exposure of the account in general.

Overall collaborating with the University Relations Department for my senior project has been amazing. I am glad to have been able to work and put effort into a project that can be used long after I have graduated from BYU-Idaho.