Katelyn Reedy-Speaking Through Social Platforms

Advertising Emphasis

Project Summary:

Maija-Liisa Speaks is a TEDx coaching firm run by Maija-Liisa Adams, a business owner and speech professor at BYU-Idaho. I created a social media content marketing plan and branding guide for her business.

Social Media Content Marketing

The primary marketing goals for Maija-Liisa Speaks were increasing brand awareness and engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I met with Maija-Liisa each week and gathered pictures for posting and discussed upcoming promotional content. I researched her target audience and came up with content themes and ideas to use for a month’s worth of posting, 5 days a week. I tracked analytics and evaluated the success of posts based on impressions, likes, comments, shares, and saves. I decided not to use the number of followers as a metric because we were transitioning personal and business accounts. I knew followers would fluctuate on these newly focused pages as a result of more frequent and targeted posting.


For the brand, I created a new logo to help distinguish Maija-Liisa Speaks from other businesses. I went through several drafts of logo designs using Adobe Illustrator and created one that was simple, distinct, and bold. Additionally, I worked on a branding style guide to help provide greater consistency when posting across social platforms. I incorporated elements of TEDx speaking into the design, colors, and typography. I collaborated with the client to decide on final creative decisions and get approval.