Kyle Wilson – Latter Day Saint Activity Hub

Kyle Wilson

Project Name: The Latter Day Saint Activity Hub

Emphasis: Public Relations

Project Summary:

When I was recently called to serve in the young men’s in my ward, one of the things that made me most nervous was helping to plan activities. So, I went online to try and find resources to help me plan fun activities for the young men to do, but I didn’t find much. The church has a few different ideas on, and there are some outdated websites and different blogs with ideas for what to do. While these are good resources and have good ideas, I wanted to create a “one-stop-shop” resource for youth leaders and youth to use to help with planning activities that will have lots of ideas with everything you would need to carry out the activity.

The Latter Day Saint Activity Hub is the go-to place if you need activity ideas. This website is centered around the church’s youth curriculum of intellectual, spiritual, social, or physical activities and most activities are simple and easy enough to plan that they can be led and carried out by the youth, with help from adult leaders.

Along with creating the website, I also added Google Analytics to the website so I’ll be able to track the traffic on my website and see where people are coming from and what they are doing while on the site, and use this to help build more activities as well as start to market the website.

Check out for ideas and help in planning activities, and if you have any activities that you think should be added, let me know over on the website!

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