Laura Knighton: Rebranding the MORE Gives Foundation

Public Relations

Project Summary

The MORE Gives Foundation is a non-profit organization associated with a local Real Estate company, MORE Realty.

One of the biggest issues that the MORE Gives Foundation was having was consistency with its branding, style, mission statement, and general direction that the foundation was going in. As I did some research and developed my project with the founders of the MORE Gives Foundation, we decided that what the foundation really needed was an updated website and social media platforms that were consistent with their updated mission statement and branding.

For my project, I helped them create a new mission statement, write a back story, create a new logo and remake their website. I also created a postcard and other marketing materials to announce the updated to the MORE Realty agents. Finally, I created a MORE Gives and Instagram page with several pieces of content and began posting on the Instagram page.

Part of my project included regularly meeting with the founders of the more gifts foundation to make sure what I was creating was consistent with their goals for the foundation. After presenting the updated website and my completed project to the founders of the MORE Gives Foundation they felt a lot more confident promoting the foundation and felt that they have a better sense of direction going forward.

Project Presentation:

Completed Website Overview:

MORE Gives Foundation Website:

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MORE Gives Foundation Instagram Page