Lissa King – The Rize Way

Hi! My name is Lissa King. My emphasis is Advertising and I’m excited to share with you what I did for my Senior Project.

Project Summary

For my project I created a marketing campaign for the event company, RizeX. RizeX is an organization of regional entrepreneurs and business owners established to connect driven individuals in the pursuit of building stronger communities.  

When creating this campaign, I oversaw most of the marketing efforts. This included launching email marketing for Speaker Series events, managing an email automation system, promoting organic social media posts, creating event landing pages, designing Facebook/Linked-In event pages, and responding/reaching out to LinkedIn contacts.

For these events, it is vital to have an accurate target audience and a clear objective. I researched how to best optimize the events that RizeX puts on. This included surveying active VIP members to find what topics and issues they are facing in their businesses. I investigated other event groups in Idaho to compare potential competitors. This included analyzing and Eastern Idaho Women’s Business Center. This research helped me create and finalize an in-depth male and female target audiences for RizeX to use within the company.

Video Explanation

Email Marketing

Emails are a big part of a marketing campaign. It is one of the biggest ways to get your message out to other people and inform them about your company. For this specific campaign the email marketing system is set up into two sections.

  1. Pre-Marketing Emails
  2. Automation Emails

The pre-marketing emails are sent out to everyone on the email list to try to get attendees for the event. The automation emails are only sent out to people who registered for the event and need updates and reminders. In total there were 16 emails that were sent out for this campaign. Here is an example of what one of the emails look like.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media is a great way to reach people online. It is also a great way to get people to learn more about your brand and see what value you have to offer. Whenever I post about events they are posted on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social media was used to promote the brand more and events that were coming up. Check out the social media pages to see what content is being published.

Landing Page

The RizeX landing page is used to inform people about any details that they need for the event. It is also included in all marketing emails and social media posts to have people visit the page. It is also used to have people register for the event so that they have their seat saved.


When marketing for events it is important to do research and figure out what value your audience needs from you. Included below is a

  • Target audience explaining in depth what the persona of a RizeX member is
  • Comparison of different event companies in the western region
  • Survey Results of real attendees of the Speaker Series event

Target Audience

Western Region Comparison

Survey Results