Max Sullivan – Ten Steps

Video Production

The Story

In the fall of 1920, Laura Caldwell was tragically killed in a magic act gone wrong.

100 years later her spirit returns to visit the theater. In a night of terror, vengeance, and lost love; Jose, the custodian, will face his darkest fears.

The Project

The Ten Steps short film is an ambitious project created by BYU Idaho students and professional filmmakers. When we were deciding what to do for our Senior Project, the idea of a short film sounded right to us. We want to make something that will challenge us and push us to be better storytellers.

We started production of this project in September and we are very excited with the results that we have had. We are learning so many new things and love the way the short film looks. We hope that anyone who watches the final film will feel the passion and love we have for filmmaking and this project.  

The Work

I worked as the producer, cinematographer, and editor of the short film “Ten Steps”. We filmed for four separate days and went through every step of production in order to make the final result as professional and entertaining as possible.

As the producer, I started out by securing funds for the film. After that, I worked with the Romance theater to schedule the shoot and sign contracts to use the theater as our primary filming location. Then I made sure to fully insure the production through Full Frame insurance and my own company Unbelievable Productions. After that I worked together with the Director to schedule and advertise auditions to find our talent, we were very successful and found very talented and experienced actors to play the main roles. Then I contacted local videographers and filmmakers I have worked with on professional projects to find a capable and knowledgeable crew. After that and signing contracts with actors, the crew, and the Romance theater I started on the other slightly more creative aspects of pre-production.

I made a script breakdown of the script for “Ten Steps” written by the director Ra Tascon. I then secured all the props and costumes and contacted and hired a makeup artist to do our main actor’s makeup and VFX. This included purchasing a classic 19th-century pistol, and many 20’s style costumes for the cast to use. I also advertised and contacted extras to participate and appear in the first scene of the film.

As the cinematographer, I worked to create the mood boards and shot list for every scene and every shot. I also met with the gaffer several times to discuss lighting and plan for every scene. I scheduled the shoot, secured the equipment, and made the call sheet to start filming.

During production, I worked with the gaffer, key grip, and crew to light and set every scene. I also worked as the sole camera operator and filmed every scene. I also filled my role as producer on set and coordinated with the assistant director to work with the extras and actors for everything they needed.

I was also the editor and colorist for this project. I edited the final film, did all of the audio design, and music.

All together I put in a little over 150 hours into this film and I am extremely proud of the work we’ve done. 

The Advertising