Ra Tascon – Ten steps Shortfilm

In the fall of 1920, Laura Caldwell was tragically killed in a magic act gone wrong. 100 years later her spirit returns to visit the theater. In a night of terror, vengeance, and lost love Jose, the custodian, will face his darkest fears.

I decided to create this project because I wanted to push myself to be a better filmmaker. I have spent 150 hours on this project doing the following.

Project description video


Some of the goals that I am trying to accomplish are:

  • To become a better Director and Storyteller.
  • To create a compelling and cinematic Shortfilm.
  • To add beautiful work to my portfolio that I can show to those looking to hire.
  • Improve my leadership skills by leading a 10 people crew and a 5 people cast during 5 days of shooting and rehersal.

Shortfilm Promo

Thank you for looking at my senior project and remember to stay creative.