McKinley Bradshaw- CBC Training Document and Materials

McKinley Bradshaw- Strategic Organization Communication

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Project Description

The scope of this project involves the creation of a training document and training materials for the advising positions of peer advisor, team lead, and specialist for the College of Business and Communication (CBC). Materials address processes, protocols, polices, and information essential to each position.

The goal underlying the training document and materials is to create a place for the advisors to learn more about their positions and ones they may promote to. The document and materials unify information on protocols and practices important for all advisors into convenient and easy to access resources to facilitate consistency and accuracy of work performed.

The project deliverable is a PDF that is posted on the CBC Team Dynamix page. The PDF is comprised of four sections that include links to PowerPoints, knowledge base articles, job aids, checklists, and instructions. The section titles include the following: 1.) What is CBC Advising? 2.) CBC Peer Advisor 3.) CBC Team Lead 4.) CBC Specialist.

For this project to be completed successfully, it was important to lay out all the information in an outline. Once the outline was created, it was given to full-time employees in CBC Advising and some of the team leads to review and offer feedback based on their perspectives on items that should be excluded and those not included that should be.

Once finalized, the outline was used to create each section of the training book.  As completed, each section was reviewed by CBC full-time employees and team leads, following the same process as the outline.  Training materials supporting the completed training booklet and include PowerPoint presentations, knowledge base articles, and Excel files. All the training materials were made available on knowledge base accessible via links embedded in the PDF of the training book.

Success in completing this project required working closely with the full-time CBC advisors and other experienced advisors. Learning how to create and manage knowledge base articles in the Team Dynamix platform was also necessary.

Training Document

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