Taiylor Brower: The Eyes to See Podcast

Strategic Organization

The Eyes to See project is a podcast that showcases the beauty of the gospel through other people’s experiences, or “lenses”, of life and it’s greatest trials. Through this project I spent over 50 hours preparing for, performing, and editing podcasts where I spoke myself, and interviewed individuals on their real life spiritual experiences. I completed an entire brand, a brochure, written invitations for guests, social media pages, advertising, research on gospel topics, and prepared questions for each guest. I also learned how to use Adobe Audition, along with managing Spotify, and Apple Podcasts for publishing episodes.

The goal was to strengthen the faith of others by showing the different perspectives of myself, and of those invited to the podcast. These perspectives were used to apply the gospel to people’s everyday life and trials. I believe everyone sees the world through different “lenses”, and hope that through those “lenses”, we can help others have the “eyes to see” God’s hand in their own lives. The Eyes to See Podcast is here to help the world become spiritually un-blind, one set of eyes at a time.

Video Link https://youtu.be/sjA4mpjhZ9U


Brittany, female, age 23

“I SERIOUSLY NEEDE to hear what you said – I felt like all that was for me!!”

Megan, female, age 24

“I just wanted to thank you for creating that podcast, I listened to the first one today and honestly it helped me so much. I’m going through a hard time right now and you reminded me that it’s a good think to grow and the sacrifices I make now are going to help me and my family in the future.”