Megan Hancock – VOICE Advocacy: Early Learning & Tutoring Program

Background Information

Voice Advocacy is supplying tutors to Center for Hope as part of a free tutoring service which will become available during the Fall of 2021. This service will provide a much-needed resource for elementary students in situations of hardship. The objective of this project is to enable critical acquisition at an early age in order to increase the likelihood that the children don’t fall behind and thus struggle in their later years of schooling. This project already has funding for one year.

The United Way frequently funds education projects of vital significance. The funding criteria used by United Way aligns closely with the target clients for this project. By gathering data to demonstrate the relevance of this project, I hope to increase the likelihood that funding can be successfully obtained.

My project is intended to lay a foundation to enable the Center for Hope to secure future funding in order to continue to provide this much needed service for children in Eastern Idaho.


Throughout this project, I have completed the following objectives for this project

  •  Research
    • Why is early learning for young elementary students critical? 
    • What barriers exist that prevent elementary students from early learning? 
    • What barriers exist that prevent elementary students from early learning in rural areas like Eastern Idaho? 
      •  Why is this free-tutoring program relevant to each of these questions? 
  •  Analysis of findings
    • Summarizing and writing the analysis of the research by answering each of the research questions. This will be a great resource and proposal for United Way. 
  •  Visualization of findings
    • Creating professional and well-created visuals, diagrams, and graphics to present at the showcase 
  •  Rational for free tutoring project based on research
    • Using the information and research I have found to justify why this free tutoring project is so critical and important for elementary students in Eastern Idaho

Research & Data Analysis

Above you can download the Excel file I used to create the graphs and charts in the proposal booklet. All of the information within the file was provided from the United States Census Bureau.

Proposal Booklet

Below you can view the proposal booklet that I have created for United Way.

Other Resources