Molly Hansen- What Fits to Wear: Podcast Series

Project Summary

My Brand:

I have an Instagram brand @whatfitstowear. I had created this brand for another class to post cute, stylish outfits of women that I see daily.

My goal for my account was to be a place where girls could go and scroll through the different outfits that I had posted to find some inspiration and answer the everyday question, “What should I wear today?”

My Project Idea:

For my senior project, I wanted to create podcasts from this brand. In my posts, I always wanted to go into more depth about each of the outfits and educate girls on what is trendy right now, why I like this particular outfit so much, and to give more information about the girl wearing the outfit.

However, I didn’t want to overwhelm my audience with a huge lengthy caption. So, I came up with the idea to make podcasts. In my podcasts, I would be able to give more details about the outfits I was posting just like how I wanted.

I would start with the first five outfits that I had posted on my Instagram and create a 10-minute video going into more depth about the outfit. I wanted to create three 10-minute podcasts that would go over the first 15 outfits that I had posted on my account.

The Execution:

I ended up creating four podcasts on and four YouTube videos as repurposed content. I made the decision to make YouTube videos as well so people could have the option to see what I was talking about while listening. I created Instagram stories to promote each of my videos to get more engagement and I posted a clip of one of my YouTube videos directly on my page to drive more traffic to my podcasts and videos. results: I had a total of 18 plays for all four podcasts.

YouTube results: I had a total of 81 views for all four videos.

Instagram promotion post: I reached 108 accounts. I had 80 views and 22 likes.

Instagram stories: Each story got around 70 views and reached up to 79 accounts.

Podcast Example