Natalie Byrd – Beautiful Mind Bracelets

Natalie Byrd

Beautiful Mind Bracelets

Public Relations

Beautiful Mind Bracelets is a small startup business that was founded by 15-year-old Bella, who used jewelry making as a way to cope with her mental health struggles. She wanted to pass it on and help others through something she loves, so she decided to sell these cute, trendy wax cord bracelets and donate 10% of all proceeds to Child Mind Institute, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping children with mental health challenges through providing resources, providing training for educators, etc.

In order to put my public relations emphasis to use, I helped Bella design the logo and packaging, and I also created all social media pages and social media content. I created photo, written, and video content for the Instagram, and helped Bella make the Beautiful Mind Bracelets Instagram the primary place for sales. I also helped create a spreadsheet on excel where we could keep track of every customer, sale, and donation made. We truly started from the ground up, and by the end of the semester, we were able to sell over 85 bracelets and gained over 100 followers on Instagram.

This is important to me because my longterm career goal is to manage public relations for a non-profit organization or a company that I can morally stand behind, and this is exactly how I saw Beautiful Minds Bracelets. This was something I was super passionate about and I’m so thankful I was able to help.