Michael Burris – GIVE Mindset Brand Launch

Hey everyone, my name is Michael Burris and I am receiving my degree in communications advertising. For my senior project, I created a brand launch campaign for my Mom’s coaching business. The name of her company is GIVE Mindset coaching.

She had the idea to start the business and started it back in 2018, but never did anything with it. With the new year quickly approaching, she agreed it was time to get it going and allowed me to help! I created a plan for her to launch the business, and the primary focus right now is raising brand awareness. To do this, I implemented some organic Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns along with a two week paid brand awareness campaign on LinkedIn. The goal right now is to raise brand awareness and attract a few clients.

Here is a short video that explains what I did.

DateTime SpentActivity Description
9/270.5I met with my faculty mentor to discuss my senior project and come up with an idea for it. We ended up settling on the idea of me doing a brand launch campaign for my Mom’s coaching business.
10/52.5I spent an hour and a half brainstorming with my Mom on what I would need to do during the course of this project.
10/85I conducted research on the coaching industry and more specifically the business coaching industry. This was really important because in order to successfully do this project, I needed to know what business coaching is and how I could create a plan to break into the space
10/103I wrote all of the copy for my execurive summary and situation analysis
10/183I wrote all of the copy for my SWOT Analysis. This time also included doing the research needed to effectively write and plan out this part of my project.
10/284I researched and planned what the marketing objectives should be. This included researching what times of day were going to be best to post, which media platoforms were going to be best to use, and what kind of paid campaign was going to be most effective.
11/33I determined who our target audience was going to be and what the big idea is. 
11/115I made edits to all of the copywriting for my entire booklet so that moving forward after this point, it was all about the design work and creating the sample content for Facebook and Linkedin
11/124I dove into the design work that needed to be done for my project in Canva. I had never used Canva before, so I purchased the Canva pro trial and spent this time learning the ins and outs of Canva as well as laying out the initial design layout.
11/121I met with my faculty mentor and took some notes afterwards on the feedback that he gave to me during our meeting.
11/132I had another meeting with my Mom where we went over everything again and reviewed everything I had done. This was about the time I was halfway done with the project I was behind, so it was a good time to meet and make sure we were still on the page with all of the plans I was making.
11/145I created the GIVE Mindset Coaching Facebook page, and wrote a few sample organic Facebook posts.
11/15/218I spent pretty much my entire day working on my project. First, I created the GIVE Mindset Coaching Linkedin Page. Next, I created a few sample organic LinkedIn post and a few sample paid LinkedIn posts. Then, I planned out the budget for the two week brand awareness campaign that we’re running. Finally, I created a QR code that takes people directly to the GIVE Mindset LinkedIn page.
11/165I finalized the design work on my poster board, went shopping for an easel and some candy, finalized the design work on my campaign book, and printed out my two brand launch campaign booklets and poster at the printing center
11/173I practiced my presentation a bunch with my wife and did a final runthrough of everything to make sure I didn’t miss anything
Total Hours: 54