Nicol Gahley – Event Planning for a Non-Profit

I volunteered with LEX Language Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is promoting multilingualism and intercultural understanding. I planned 2 (virtual) events for this Fall; the 2021 Intern Alumni Reunion and a new event that the Executive Director, Elizabeth White, and I designed (with help from many others of course!) called LEXFest. I assisted with their social media under advisement of their Marketing Strategist. I also completed additional small projects to build an online portfolio of their internship programs.

I loved volunteering with LEX Language Project. I hope to be a corporate event planner in the future and definitely gained some more experience into events through this project. Originally I was a little disappointed that I would be planning virtual events, but these events still require a lot of work! I learned a lot about being organized, outreach, marketing, working with volunteers and problem solving. Especially since these are international events we got to work a lot with Japan and Mexico to make these events a success! On top of this, because of the way COVID-19 has impacted all of us, I would expect there to be a lot more virtual/hybrid events so this still helped me prepare for my professional future careers.

Feel free to check out there website, internship programs and social media!–wip-internship.html