Taylor Gale – Pretty Poppy Photo and Floral

Digital and Social Media Emphasis

Growing up, I watched my parents create, plan, and run two small businesses from the very start. Watching them has been exceptionally inspirational and motivational for me. Owning my own small business has always been a dream, and I decided why not now? It was the perfect opportunity to show off the skills I’ve achieved and obtained while studying Communications at BYU-I! And also the beginning of one of my life-long dreams. 

This semester I started from scratch and created Pretty Poppy! One of my biggest goals was to make a brand that felt cohesive and made sense to a customer! Pretty Poppy offers both photography and floral! I wanted it to feel natural and almost intuitive that the two flow together! I think I really accomplished this through my Instagram feed, where I posted a photo of an arrangement one day, and a client the next. I worked to create an aesthetically pleasing 

I also put a big emphasis on reels and content creation for my Instagram page @prettypoppyphotoandfloral! Reels and video content are huge on social media and make your business much more findable! I spent a lot of time filming, planning, and editing reels! I’m super passionate about content creations and want to show off what I can do. 

I created a logo and color scheme to fit my brand and help it pop and stand out! I also created business cards that have info on what I do and how to reach out to me! 

Growing and establishing my business was huge for me this semester! I reached out to around 15 business to ask for collaborations and offer to do photos and flowers for their businesses at a discounted price. I came up with a proposal to reach out to all my businesses in a fun and professional way! 

I also came up with an in-depth marketing plan, including a SWOT analysis and SMART goals to give me more direction during the process of creating a brand! 

I spent time establishing and deciding on a brand voice and tone to give my clients the best possible experience while interacting with me and my business!

I also printed out flyers and put them up around Rexburg to get my name out there! 

Last but not least, I created a website where clients can go and see a portfolio of all my client galleries! I also have tons of information explaining who I am, what I do, and why I do what I do! I created place where clients can reach out to me for quotes and ask questions! I also created and wrote 3 blog posts! 

Pretty Poppy has been so much fun and something that I plan to continue to run in the future!!