Noah Zollinger – Boo at the Zoo for Leisure Time Inc.

Public Relations

Project Summary:

Boo at the Zoo for Leisure Time Inc. was a project aimed at advertising for the Boo at the Zoo Event in Idaho Falls. I organized social media and email campaigns inviting the Leisure Time Inc. customer base to attend. On top of those campaigns I was able to pitch the wvent to various local news outlets. I also organized a booth to be held at the physical event. 

The primary goal of the event was to obtain emails that could be added to the company newsletter. To obtain the emails I organized a giveaway where people could enter by filling out a short survey. Throughout the event we obtained 240 emails to add to the newsletter. 

Boo at the Zoo was a three day event where businesses would set up a booth and pass out candy to the attendees. While passing out candy we handed out flyers with a QR code to enter the giveaway. The event was extremely successful as we were able to establish a relationship with the public and represent Leisure Time Inc. in a positive manner.