Valeria Espinoza-Lo Que Callamos Los Latinos Podcast


For my senior project, I hosted and produced a podcast that dives a little deeper into the struggles that Latino students at BYUI have experienced. The title of the podcast being Lo Que Callamos Los Latinos, or What We Latinos Keep Quiet. By sharing these stories, my hope is to let other Latino students around the world know that they are heard and to inspire them to share their stories!

The podcast consists of me as a host and guest appearances in every episode. Some guests I have known for years, others I met through the filming process. Each story is unique and has the ability to connect with our fellow Latinos around the globe.

Each episode varies from 15 to 25 minutes long. Significant time and effort was put into looking for guests that would portray to my targeted audience what I hoped to illustrate.

Each episode took a total of 3-4 hours to edit completely. Plus the amount of time put into extensive research that was done before each podcast interview. Guests were not given an outline prior to the podcast interview, but they were made aware of what the topic was and what our conversation might have looked like. 

I have been involved during the creation process of my podcast cover. All were original ideas but did receive help from a graphic designer to get it looking as professional as possible. 

Below you will find a link to my SoundCloud account where you will have access to all the episodes.

SoundCloud link.