Benjamin Hirsch Enggas – REXBURG WEEKLY ROUNDUP: A News Podcast

Benjamin Hirsch Enggas

Brigham Young University-Idaho Communications major with an emphasis on News and Journalism

The Rexburg Weekly Roundup is a news podcast that gives a brief overview of the local news for Madison County and the Upper Valley. The Podcast was released twice weekly on Thursdays and Fridays for a month. The Rexburg Weekly Roundup presents several news briefs about the local stories that would be of interest for the students at Brigham Young University-Idaho and the Rexburg Community.

This project combined my journalism, speech performance and radio editing skills that I attained, as a communications major at BYU-Idaho, into one cohesive project.

When thinking about what I should do for my senior project, I thought about what I could do that would encompass all of my skills that I learned here at BYU-Idaho and what the local community is lacking. After some reflection, I felt that although there are some local news sources, Rexburg would do well to have more ways to listen to local news. This thought inspired my creation of the Rexburg Weekly Roundup.

Each week I would uncover several news stories from local news sources, rewrite them into my own words, attribute them to the appropriate sources and then record each one on Adobe Audition. After compiling and editing each news brief into a podcast, I would post and publish it on my portfolio on Portfolium.

I spent well over 50 hours throughout the semester news gathering, writing, recording and editing in order to come up with my final products.

Here is a video presentation I created that explains the Rexburg Weekly Roundup.

Check out the Rexburg Weekly Roundup at this location, thank you.