Luke Davis: “Cord-Full Headphones” a 5 Minute Sketch Comedy Video

Cord-Full Headphones is a 5-minute sketch comedy video that I wrote, shot, and edited myself for my senior project. The video is all about how inconvenient cord headphones can be with the joke being all the crazy stuff that it can get stuck on. I’ve always loved sketch comedy, especially SNL, and my video was influenced by a Bill Hadder, Andy Samberg SNL sketch called Dear Sister. I really wanted to push myself as a videographer in this and try to make something that feels dramatic for a comedic effect. Even though this is a comedy video I want the video to feel cinematic and really showcase my ability as a videographer.

My project started with the initial idea after my headphones got stuck 7 times while cleaning the kitchen. I started by writing the script for it by creating a small story to enhance the joke of the sketch. I spent around 6 hours writing the script and also showing it to my friends and getting suggestions from them. I then storyboarded the whole project using a storyboard generator which took around 5 hours. I then created a shot list for me to use during shooting which took me around 6 hours to create. I then recruited Silas Frye to be my main actor and went over the script with him so we were both on the same page.

I moved into the shooting process. My first day of shooting took 6 hours which helped me create my first rough cut to get an overall feel of my project. After consulting with Brother Mawlam He helped me plan pick-up shots. I had 3 rounds of pick-up shots which in total was around 10 hours of work. I shot the video on the Sony FX3 to give it a really crisp 4K image, and I used a lot of slow-motion shots too shooting in 60 FPS.

I edited the video in Adobe Premiere Pro as that’s the editing software I am most familiar with. I added a lot of sound effects and music to the video to bring it to life. I also added a blue tint to the shots to give it a sadder feel to the video. I am very proud of the final product of the video and am excited to add it to my portfolio and show people my qualities as a video editor.


Final Product


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