Hayley Perez: Building A Brand

Hayley Perez

Digital & Social Media

Project Summary

One of the skills I have developed because of my degree is the ability to build a brand. From making a logo, picking company colors, deciding target audiences, and developing a marketing strategy. I want to use the skills I have learned to build my sister Isabel a brand for her jewelry-making business. She started making jewelry two years ago and would like to one day turn her hobby into a small business. I will be consulting with her to build the brand she has dreamed of. This means we will meet to talk about her vision and from there I will build her a style guide. This will entail designing her a logo, writing a mission statement, and creating a target audience. Then I will take some product photography pictures and pictures of her that she can use for social media. Because Isabel is not quite ready to start selling her jewelry I will be setting up an Instagram and Tik Tok account, but she will begin posting when she is ready.

Style Guide

The sticker I designed to pass out at Senior Showcase.

Photos I took of the jewelry and Isabel.

My display at the Senior Showcase.