Preston Lyman – Automated Lead Magnet Marketing Campaign

Project Summary

For this project, I built an automated marketing campaign for a small marketing automation consultancy called Success Engine. In the history of the company, most of their leads have all come from one primary source, and the services they provide have been highly specialized. The company would like to diversify their services and bring in leads from news sources. To do this, they have asked me to design and launch an automated marketing campaign, beginning with a lead magnet.

This is an outline of what a marketing campaign like this might look like.

For the lead magnet, I chose to focus on the first steps a business needs to take to begin automating their internal tasks and processes and their client-facing marketing efforts. I wrote a 16 page eBook called, “The First Steps to Automation.” After the lead magnet was written and designed, I had to build a landing page to allow clients to opt-in to receive the book. I also had to write automated email sequences to invite people already on Success Engine’s email list to download the book if they were interested, and more sequences to go out to individuals after they opted to receive the book.

A lead magnet is a free offer you can give to prospects to entice them to engage with you. In my case, I wrote a free eBook.
Click here to view and download the eBook

It took about 55 hours to write and design the lead magnet and the rest of the marketing materials necessary to launch the campaign. Success Engine has asked me to build a follow-up campaign to invite prospects to a webinar where I can expound on some of the topics discussed in the eBook. This will likely include an additional 30-40 hours of work, but it falls outside the scope of this semester.

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