Taylor Ogaard-Foundation For Family Life Documentary Series


Hi my name is Taylor Ogaard and I am a video production emphasis. I have always been obsessed with movies and photography and I love the great outdoors.

Project Overview

In 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph White, the founder of the Foundation for Family Life. This man, who was once an alcoholic, has made it his life’s mission to help others recover from addiction and rebuild their families. The work that he has done over the years has been so inspiring to me that I have kept in close contact with him and followed his foundation’s work. For my project, I decided that I wanted to give something special to a foundation that has inspired me and interested me so much. I decided to do a documentary about the foundation for family life.

I approached Joseph about wanting his foundation to be the center of my project. Since I wanted to get practice working with clients I asked him what type of short documentary would serve his foundation best. Together we decided to do two short personal success stories about former addicts who are now making a change in others’ lives. The first story was Joseph’s own and the second was the story of the senior house manager Casey Telford, a former member of FFL’s addiction recovery program and now a current FFL employee.

The end result of the project was two 7 minute videos telling the stories of redemption for these two incredible men and how their struggles have gone on to prepare them to help countless others.

Here is a quick look at my booth from the senior showcase.

Also here are the two short documentaries.

To learn more about the foundation for family life please visit https://fflut.org/