Victoria McKendrick-Boogey Boy: Illustrating and Advertising a Children’s Book

Name: Victoria McKendrick

Emphasis: Digital and Social Media


Project Summary:

This was a great opportunity for me to push myself out
of my comfort zone. As a Digital and Social Media emphasis, I knew this would be a stretch for me to
illustrate a book. I didn’t expect it to push me this far but
I am glad it did.

Being told how I can improve my art and my
strategies made the work I created better than I could
have ever imagined. There were times when I thought
my art was okay but I was shown that it could be great!
Creating ads for this was a fun experience because I had
to find ways to advertise for kids even when I couldn’t
advertise directly to them. In past projects, the
advertising was pretty straight forward so this was
interesting how I could find the people who can
introduce this book to kids
I’d have to say the best part of this was seeing the
author’s (my mom) reaction to the pictures. She saw
them from start to finish and she absolutely loved the
finished product. We have always wanted to work on a
book together and this was the perfect opportunity for it.
I was able to push myself and create/advertise
something that has a special meaning to me and my

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