A Night at Emmie’s

Project Purpose

The purpose of a Night at Emmie’s was to provide a moody jazzy date night for people to attend. It provided music, entertainment, food, and a romantic environment. It was to give people a unique date experience. Since dating in Rexburg is repetitive, a Night at Emmie’s gave a refreshing night for people.

set-up beforehand

Challenges Encountered

I ran into several challenges along the way. I had to change my food choice a few times to fit the changing budget. There also were other events happening at the same time as mine. I was able to work with student support to fit my event in. Another issue was some of my fliers were printed in black and white instead of color. However, that didn’t bother me and I was still able to use them. The last struggle I had was I got the flu the weekend I was supposed to put up posters. This meant I put them up late and not as many people knew about the event. Besides that, there weren’t many challenges!

everyone waiting for the acts to start

Project Processes

I emailed student support to get my event approved. I was assigned a girl named Ezrie to help me. We met once a week to discuss the event. We worked on things in between. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Ezrie. She did so much for me. We scheduled our event, sent our information to marketing, held auditions, and put-up posters. I chose the décor and Ezrie made sure I had everything for it. She gave me a menu to choose from for catering, and I picked fruit, cheese, and crackers platters.

me emceeing


The event went well. We had about 7 groups and some of them performed 2 songs. This meant we had 14 acts. I emceed between each one. I love the performances! My friends volunteered to help, and the food was a success. The people that came really enjoyed it. However, it could’ve gone better. We were hoping for 150 people, but only 80 came. I think this is because we could’ve advertised better. People were confused about what it was when looking at the advertisement.  The acts also only took an hour, but it was supposed to be 2 hours. But besides those things, it was a success!

my friends came to support me!


I learned a few things. First, I am capable of putting what I imagine into real life! It was so cool to see the idea I had actually happen. I also learned how to delegate and make decisions. I had to be decisive. Ezrie made me make all the decisions. I learned how to assert my authority over an event. I had to tell people what to do and not let them change my mind. I loved getting to choose the setlist, therefore deciding the mood for the night. I’d love to do something like this again…but in the far future. This was very stressful. I am thankful for everything I learned and gained along the way!

me and my date


“Twas an enchanting evening filled with excellent company, entertainment, and MCing.”

“It was very well organized and decorated professionally”

“I would say that it was well attended, great environment, I would go back again with a date, I don’t know if there was a budget for more food would have been sick!”

“It was a great night to be with some friends and listen to some chill music”

“Best event I’ve been to in a long time! Everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves. Very well put together and very organized. The food and entertainment were great!”

“I LOVED IT! Great entertainment, good food, not too long or short! A perfect date night or gathering with friends! Family-friendly too!”

“It was a lot of fun and you did a really good job picking performers. And I felt like there weren’t any awkward moments which is impressive! It was a nice vibe and the décor definitely fit the theme of the night! Overall, I had a great time!!”

my friend Kelly singing

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