Brochure Design for Southern Virginia University

By Jake Daly I. Project Purpose The aim of this project was to design engaging, informative brochures that encapsulate the vibrant educational experience at Southern Virginia University (SVU). By distilling the unique strengths, facilities, and campus life that SVU offers, the brochures are intended to catch the eye of prospective students and provide them withContinue reading “Brochure Design for Southern Virginia University”

BODIFI Social Media – Megan Chormicle

Project Purpose/Objectives The purpose of this project was to serve as the social media content creator for Bodifi, a gym in Idaho. The main objectives were to optimize their overall reach, increase engagement, and attract more customers on their Instagram and Facebook pages. By working closely with the manager and employees, I aimed to establishContinue reading “BODIFI Social Media – Megan Chormicle”

How to Have Hard Conversations at Work by Bekah Jarnagin

Project Purpose & Objectives My idea for this project came from a class last semester in which we talked about the necessity of having hard conversations and how many young people have not developed this skill. I felt I also had not developed this skill as thoroughly as I could have, so I decided toContinue reading “How to Have Hard Conversations at Work by Bekah Jarnagin”

Trending on socials – Katie Young – Comm297R

For my project I wanted to learn and better understand how social media algorithms work, and how posting goes hand-in-hand with algorithms and social media account engagement. I first updated my socials to have accurate, descriptions and information. I also did research to understand ideal engagement, and posting times to learn how social media works differentlyContinue reading “Trending on socials – Katie Young – Comm297R”

Tom Talks Baseball – Sports Blog

Report As someone looking to become a sports journalist someday, I wanted this project to showcase my abilities and knowledge of the sports world. Baseball is my favorite sport, so I decided to base my blog on that. Along with the blog,, I also created an Instagram page to market my material. I hadContinue reading “Tom Talks Baseball – Sports Blog”

Cole Jones – Social Media Manager of VOICE Advocacy Facebook Page

Project Purposes/Objectives For this project, I wanted to dabble in the social media world and take the opportunity to learn about managing a social media page. I was given the opportunity to manage the Facebook page for the VOICE Advocacy program that started on campus. The Facebook page states, “VOICE Advocacy is a nonprofit organizationContinue reading “Cole Jones – Social Media Manager of VOICE Advocacy Facebook Page”

Window Displays

Purpose: Recently I have developed a new interest in visual communication.  This isn’t just accomplished through PowerPoints and videos.  It also involves color, shape, texture, and balance.  I worked with a women’s contemporary clothing store in Utah to help bring all these components to their visual window displays.  I have done so by creating unique pieces that have captivatedContinue reading “Window Displays”