Tom Talks Baseball – Sports Blog

Report As someone looking to become a sports journalist someday, I wanted this project to showcase my abilities and knowledge of the sports world. Baseball is my favorite sport, so I decided to base my blog on that. Along with the blog,, I also created an Instagram page to market my material. I hadContinue reading “Tom Talks Baseball – Sports Blog”

Cole Jones – Social Media Manager of VOICE Advocacy Facebook Page

Project Purposes/Objectives For this project, I wanted to dabble in the social media world and take the opportunity to learn about managing a social media page. I was given the opportunity to manage the Facebook page for the VOICE Advocacy program that started on campus. The Facebook page states, “VOICE Advocacy is a nonprofit organizationContinue reading “Cole Jones – Social Media Manager of VOICE Advocacy Facebook Page”

Window Displays

Purpose: Recently I have developed a new interest in visual communication.  This isn’t just accomplished through PowerPoints and videos.  It also involves color, shape, texture, and balance.  I worked with a women’s contemporary clothing store in Utah to help bring all these components to their visual window displays.  I have done so by creating unique pieces that have captivatedContinue reading “Window Displays”